Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Kelly's Korner -
Show Us Your Birthday Party For Children

I love anything and everything about little girls (grand-daughters), entertaining, tulle, pearls, tea parties, fancy and fun, etc.

Last year I helped host a birthday party for Ellie. It was so much fun - for me, and for the birthday girl and guests.

Party Clothes
I keep a red trunk full of dress-up clothes...tutus, party dresses, hats, pearls, white gloves (lace and plain), tiaras, fairy wands, feathered high heels and head-pieces, glitter spray - anything a girl might need for tea party or a parade.

The July clearance sales are a wonderful place to find passed-over Easter dresses - I try to add one new one to the collection each year. Tip: purchase dresses a size or two larger than actual age size - it makes getting the dresses on and off without assistance so much easier for the girls. Accessories are made and purchased - the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and Target are great place to find the feathers, ribbon, jewelry.

Heaven help us if a grandson would ever come into our family. Ellie's cousin, Maddox, was the single male at the birthday tea, so I purchased a top hat at a party store, and used some black ribbon and black magic marker to turn a white t-shirt into his tuxedo - he felt very GQ.
The Tablescape
The white tablecloth is one left over from my own daughters' tea table...they are now 32 and 29. It's holds lots of memories. Although we have a variety of plastic, metalware, and ceramic play tea sets (most likely no complete set or any without chips or broken handles) , for this party I purchased clear plastic punch cups at Hobby Lobby. The cup rims are coated with pink sugar sprinkles - also HL. Dip cup rims in a small plate of water, wipe off the excess and then dip the rims in a small plate of the colored sugar. Let dry.The cake is a box mix and canned frosting with a few pink dots strategically placed on the sides and top. I piped Ellie's initials on top. Add paper party/cocktail napkins, clear plastic plates and forks, and the table is ready.

Tea Party Menu
Cake is a must. I typically like to make petit fours for tea parties, but I decided to make a traditional layer cake for Ellie. I used white bread and cream cheese to make tea sandwiches, and then cut them into fancy shapes using mini cookie cutters. Round carrot slices cut with a ripple slicer and banana slices sprinkled with cherry Jello powder complete the tea cart menu.

Party Favors
Pearl bracelets (girls - top hat for the boy), bubble wands, and sunglasses.

I am not a 'game' person, so the party consisted of dress-up time, opening gifts, the tea party, and swimming.

Party Rule
I am a stickler for the rule - the number of party guests is never more than the age of the child having the party. This number doesn't include siblings. I don't know who the intuitive, brilliant person was that created this party rule, but she knew what she was doing...OK, it could have been a man. I have been witness to the insanity and calamity which ensues when this rule is ignored. The fun, as well as party manners are lost in the chaos.

Party Pictures
I am so lucky and blessed to have professional photographers in my family. Dale and Meredith from Benfield Photography covered the pictures while I assisted with the tea party.


  1. Oh my little Miss Ellie is a sweet and gorgeous girl in her tutu! What a special party she had. I love how you planned it all out so well. The menu sounds delish!

    Thanks for visiting tonight Rita. I always appreciate your visits. I'm starting to realize I'm a bit of of a sign collector and I didn't even know it. LOL!

    Have a blessed evening my friend.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  2. I meant to ask you before if you have visited with "Susan" at "Between Naps On The Porch"?
    She has a wonderful Southern style blog I know you would enjoy very much. She has two meme's weekly as well "Met Monday" & "Tablesscape Thursday". You should join in the fun! I have met so many other bloggers this way. Pay her a visit if you have a moment. She's a sweet lady too.

  3. adorable party - great photos

  4. Oh my, what a sweet tea party. I bet Miss Ellie presided over her little guests like a queen bee. Keeping a trunk filled with dress up clothes is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for the tip. My daughter, Allie Claire is only 9 months old, but I know she will adore playing dress up one of these days.

  5. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend Rita. :)

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Love all the ideas :)

  7. What beautiful pictures and beautiful girls! We stock up on "dress ups" after Halloween, but after Easter is a GREAT idea. You have a gorgeous blog!

    Thanks for stopping by our party!


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