Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Made Me Smile Today...

As I passed by my refrigerator this morning, I glanced at a party invitation I had posted on the side. I avoid cluttering the front, but the side that is visible between my upper and lower cabinets seems to be the perfect frame to plaster with family pictures, birthday cards,magnets, etc. I know it's tacky, but it's a habit left over from the days when I proudly posted grade cards, achievement certificates, and masterpieces created by my daughters. Now they are 31 and 29, so it's proof that old habits are hard to break.

Today it was the magnet that was holding the invitation that really caught my of my many Erika Oller pieces. During the years when my shopping hormones were raging, I sometimes satisfied my 'need for things' by making a small purchase....lipstick, nail polish, a card, a scarf, a magnet. That's when I discovered the fat ladies. I think I identified with their perils and justifications....the dreaded summer debut of the swimsuit, eating pie and declaring "it's just fruit", or looking in the closet to discover a "shrinkage' problem.

Someday, when my daughters are left to clean out my belongings, and they find my desk drawer crammed with unsent greating cards, they will get a good laugh from the same cards that made me smile and gave me reason to make a purchase.

I hope these Erika Ollers make you smile, too.

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