Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tutu Cute!

Is there anything as cute as a little girl in a tutu? I think not!

I'm not a big fan of tulle for any other use...well, maybe the very finest quality for weddings. Tulle, I am sure, was specifically created just for tutus... ballerinas, fairies, and little girls.

Impromptu tea parties are a common event at my house. The red trunk I have for dress-up clothes contains tutus in every color, length, and size (Mimi must dress for tea, too). Tutus can stand alone as a fashion statement at the tea table, but pearls, a feather tiara, a spritz of glitter-spray eau de toilette, white wrist gloves, and pink sparkly slippers complete the ensemble. However, when wearing a tutu to the farm, a hat and pink cowgirl boots are a must.

Once the twirls, swirls, and the admiring in front of the mirror have ended, we set the table with a few animal crackers, mini marshmallows on a fancy beaded skewer (stock items in my pantry), a little orange juice and 7Up in cups rimmed with pink sugar, and we are set for high tea.

I hope these make you smile!

Tutus can be purchased: Cotton Candy Shop and Lily Anna For Girls

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