Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Perfect Day

Part of being 'focused' is knowing the importance of finding joy in the simple things in life and remembering to always celebrate those moments (which by the way, I say should always involve cake).

Yesterday was a gift and a blessing. I spent the entire day with two very dear friends...sharing, shopping, smiling (with several outbreaks of thigh-slapping laughter). It was a long series of perfect moments. In fact, it took two celebrations ... carrot cake after lunch at Mimi's and a stop for cookies at Rick's.

I collect quotes (another blog/another day), and one of my favorites is "Life isn't perfect, but there are perfect moments in life". Isn't it tragic that too many people live a disappointed life? They forfeit the opportunity to live life at it's fullest because they expected life to be perfect...they are unable/unwilling to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. They miss out on the magical moments of life. Not me! I'm in it for the cake. Which reminds me of one of my favorite, albeit tacky, refrigerator magnets by Julia Junkin. It's a woman wearing a decorated cake on her head with the quote - "She wore a chocolate cake for a hat, just in case!" I think this little lady has perfected celebrating life's magicial blessings at a moment's notice.

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful" Annette Funicello

Here's to friends...and cake.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tutu Cute!

Is there anything as cute as a little girl in a tutu? I think not!

I'm not a big fan of tulle for any other use...well, maybe the very finest quality for weddings. Tulle, I am sure, was specifically created just for tutus... ballerinas, fairies, and little girls.

Impromptu tea parties are a common event at my house. The red trunk I have for dress-up clothes contains tutus in every color, length, and size (Mimi must dress for tea, too). Tutus can stand alone as a fashion statement at the tea table, but pearls, a feather tiara, a spritz of glitter-spray eau de toilette, white wrist gloves, and pink sparkly slippers complete the ensemble. However, when wearing a tutu to the farm, a hat and pink cowgirl boots are a must.

Once the twirls, swirls, and the admiring in front of the mirror have ended, we set the table with a few animal crackers, mini marshmallows on a fancy beaded skewer (stock items in my pantry), a little orange juice and 7Up in cups rimmed with pink sugar, and we are set for high tea.

I hope these make you smile!

Tutus can be purchased: Cotton Candy Shop and Lily Anna For Girls

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Made Me Smile Today...

As I passed by my refrigerator this morning, I glanced at a party invitation I had posted on the side. I avoid cluttering the front, but the side that is visible between my upper and lower cabinets seems to be the perfect frame to plaster with family pictures, birthday cards,magnets, etc. I know it's tacky, but it's a habit left over from the days when I proudly posted grade cards, achievement certificates, and masterpieces created by my daughters. Now they are 31 and 29, so it's proof that old habits are hard to break.

Today it was the magnet that was holding the invitation that really caught my of my many Erika Oller pieces. During the years when my shopping hormones were raging, I sometimes satisfied my 'need for things' by making a small purchase....lipstick, nail polish, a card, a scarf, a magnet. That's when I discovered the fat ladies. I think I identified with their perils and justifications....the dreaded summer debut of the swimsuit, eating pie and declaring "it's just fruit", or looking in the closet to discover a "shrinkage' problem.

Someday, when my daughters are left to clean out my belongings, and they find my desk drawer crammed with unsent greating cards, they will get a good laugh from the same cards that made me smile and gave me reason to make a purchase.

I hope these Erika Ollers make you smile, too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finding Joy In Each Day

After far too many years of thinking "I'll be happy when...", I finally realized the importance of finding joy in each day. Although I still collect and file (I'm talking labeled files) torn pages from my favorite decorator magazines of fabulous kitchens, to-die-for bathrooms, elegant monogrammed linens, must have closets, attic makeovers, and holiday recipes (to use when I give that 'someday' New Year's Eve buffet), I have learned that I can still dream about those things without feeling that those are the things I need to be feel true contentment and joy, here and now. I have refocused my thoughts to how blessed I am to be where I am, to have what I have, and most importantly, being amazed at what God has provided.

Thanks to Art Buchwald for reminding us, "The best things in life aren't things".

I admit that I do find joy in 'things' ...I just don't have to have 'things' to make me happy. In my "I'll be happy when..." days, I think the joy came from the shopping and buying. My husband was sure I had missed my true career calling...a corporate purchasing agent. I suspect my need for acquiring things was a release valve for the stress created by my career. Today, my pleasure comes from enjoying the things I have...I now actually use my blue and white Spode for everyday.

My grand daughter (3 yrs) finds her joy in rearranging my crystal rose bowls (while wearing my pearl necklace), and I find joy in watching.

I hope you find your joy today.